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  • Emergency contracting continues to be a top priority for the Federal Government and the numerous agencies responsible for emergency response and recovery.
  • To ensure that additional human resources are available to the government-wide contracting community during an emergency, GSA is directed pursuant to Section.870 of S. 3001, of the Duncan Hunter National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009 to establish the Contingency Contracting Corps (CCC).
  • The CCC will be available as a means of last resort to support any agency needing additional contracting personnel to support an emergency response and recovery effort.
  • Deployment is voluntary, subject to supervisory approval, and generally limited to a maximum of 30 days. Corps members will benefit from emergency contracting training and from the experience of contributing to the national interest during an emergency.
  • Federal employees who volunteered to support the hurricane Katrina recovery efforts found the experience rewarding and continue to be a valuable resource to their agencies.
  • The Federal Acquisition Insititute ((FAI) has developed certification requirements for Emergency Response and Recovery Contracting, which will be required for all CCC members within twelve months of joining. FAI will provide training registration information to corps members Certification will include the following requirements below and is available shortly at www.fai.gov:
  • Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting or Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act certification;
  • Completion of twelve hours of online coursework developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency; and
  • Completion of a Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) sponsored Emergency Response classroom course.
  • Additional important information on contingency contracting can be found using the following web links:

Secretarial Declarations additional links will be available whenever appropriate declarations are made.


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