Part 536—Construction and Architect-Engineer Contracts

Subpart 536.1—General

536.101 Applicability.

536.102 Definitions.

Subpart 536.2—Special Aspects of Contracting for Construction

536.201 [Reserved]

536.202 [Reserved]

536.203 Government estimate of construction cost.

536.204 Disclosure of the magnitude of construction projects.

536.213 Special procedures for sealed bidding in construction contracting.

536.213-3 Invitations for bids.

536.213-370 Bids that include alternates.

536.213-371 Bids that include options.

536.213-372 Bids that include both alternates and options.

536.270 Exercise of options.

Subpart 536.5—Contract Clauses

536.570 Supplemental provisions and clauses.

536.570-1 Definitions.

536.570-2 Authorities and limitations.

536.570-3 [Reserved]

536.570-4 Basis of award—construction contract.

536.570-5 [Reserved]

536.570-6 [Reserved]

536.570-7 [Reserved]

536.570-8 Specifications and drawings.

536.570-9 Shop drawings, coordination drawings, and schedules.

536.570-10 [Reserved]

536.570-11 [Reserved]

536.570-12 Use of equipment by the Government.

536.570-13 Subcontracts.

Subpart 536.6—Architect-Engineer Services

536.602 Selection of firms for architect-engineer contracts.

536.602-1 Selection criteria.

536.602-2 Evaluation boards.

536.602-3 Evaluation board functions.